Ecological Pools

Respect for the environment is one of Hyrdodynamics Ltd core values
Our products are all environmentally friendly and minimize any impact on the environment. .
Our swimming pools feature our own unique technology and ensure:
1. Environmentally-friendly construction and operation
2. Reduced use of water and energy
3. Minimum use of disinfectants
4. Minimal interference in the natural environment
5. More environmentally friendly options to upgrade your pool

Chemical Free


Most pools rely on chlorine or its close cousin bromine to provide strong disinfection. Chlorine is good for killing algae and mold as well as many waterborne bacteria that carry diseases. But the powerful oxidizing chemical reacts with organic matter, leaves and dirt that land in outdoor pools, as well as the sweat, oils, lotions, saliva, and urine that people introduce. These form dozens of so-called disinfection byproducts, or DBPs, which can be toxic and can't be biologically degraded in the water. When pools are poorly maintained or badly ventilated, these chemicals can irritate the skin, eyes, respiratory tracts, and have much worse effects. Scientists have known for some time that acute exposure to pure chlorine from swimming pool accidents resulting from improper mixing of chemicals or chemical leaks that lead to chlorine gas explosions can severely damage the lungs. But during the last few years, more medical studies have linked DBP chemicals to asthma and respiratory problems such as lifeguard lung, or granulomatous pneumonitis.
In response to this crisis, a growing number of pool and recreation managers are adding supplemental systems, such as ultraviolet (UV) light filters and ozone, or switching out chlorine for other systems altogether. Following a growing trend, millions have been invested in improved air circulation and natural gas systems that use less energy to heat the water and air. Installing UV systems that eliminate toxic chlorine byproducts in the water, reduces the need to "shock," or superchlorinate the pool to destroy buildup, all reducing the cost of chlorine and saving money.

What E-clear can do for you ...

E-clear's natural pool oxygenator (O2) technology delivers over 40,000g oxidation/hr making it the most powerful water treatment system currently available for spa pool and heated pool applications. Yet, unlike chlorine or salt chlorinator systems, e-clear generates no harmful chloramine gas or toxic disinfection byproducts (DBPs) providing a guaranteed superior swimming experience without any red eyes, allergies and asthma. For domestic swimming pools e-clear offers home owners hours of healthy chlorine free swimming, hassle-free pool maintenance and a water wise, eco-friendly alternative to chlorine and salt chlorination. Fully automated, easy to operate and maintain, with no corrosion to your pool pump, pool filter or pool lining, e-clear provides huge savings in pool maintenance and annual pool costs.

How our systems work ...

 Using an advanced electrolysis process the e-clear oxygenator technology generates powerful natural oxidizers, hydroxyl (OH), atomic oxygen (O1),hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and oxygen (O2) from the water molecule itself. Dissolved oxygen in the pool is combined with copper ionization to provide a long lasting healthy and natural sanitizing residual in the water. Since e-clear oxidizers are more powerful than chlorine or ozone and since e-clear produces a sanitizing residual in the water e-clear pools do not require chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals. The unique feature of e-clear is that swimmers are only exposed to the healthy sanitizing residuals – dissolved O2 and the copper ionization, since OH, O1 and H2O2 are produced within a sealed chamber away from the swimmer. The powerful oxidizers, OH, O1 and H2O2, combined with O2 and copper, effectively inactivates algae, viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi and protozoa.

Benefits of E-clear ‘Oxygen’ Pool Sanitation System

100% Chlorine Free - Salt Free - Ozone Free
crystal clear, oxygen rich, healthy mineral water,
non-toxic,eco friendly,easy to maintain,cost saving
• complies with International health directives • no more red burning eyes, dried out hair, skin, allergies or asthma
• no carcinogenic disinfection byproducts (DBPs) / trihalomethanes (THMs) • no harmful chloramine gas • chemical free
• no polluting organochlorines or greenhouse gasses • no salinification of natural water ways • water wise – back wash to your garden
• hassle free – oxidation & ionization automated • no chlorine or salt required • self-cleaning anodes
• save on chlorine & other chemicals • save on water • non-corrosive – extends pool life & equipment​



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