Ecological Pools

Respect for the environment is one of Hyrdodynamics Ltd core values
Our products are all environmentally friendly and minimize any impact on the environment. .
Our swimming pools feature our own unique technology and ensure:
1. Environmentally-friendly construction and operation
2. Reduced use of water and energy
3. Minimum use of disinfectants
4. Minimal interference in the natural environment
5. More environmentally friendly options to upgrade your pool

Save Water

Based on Scientific studies pools in sunny climates evaporate tones of water each year. Taking a sample of a normal 50 tone pool, researches shown that in one year it will evaporate and loose 2 to 2,5 times of its own volume which translated  from 600 to 700 Euro for Cyprus water price.

There many reasons for these losses the main are:
  • Evaporation
  • Filter backwash
  • Water leaks      

We are committed to sustainable water usage. For this reason we recommend the following products and services for water saving:

AFM Filter Media For less water consumption though less cycle backwashs                       

Summer Solar Covers For up to 98% less water evaporation.       

Pool Leak Detection  Stop water loss through leaks

Robot Cleaner Minimize Backwash times