Pool Covers

Your swimming pool is aqua, the water is calm and still and the atmosphere is perfect. Overnight, the winds pick up. The next morning, your pool is an unrecognizable pond full of leaves, twigs, and debris from last night’s winds. If you only had bought a pool cover instead of that inflatable floating bar. But hey -- it's never too late to cover your pool.

Automatic Safety Covers

100% Automatic
100% Comfort

The opening and closing of the cover is made at the turn of a key. One to two minutes is all that is needed to roll up or unroll Swimmer Lock, thanks to a hydraulic motor, without race end adjustment and without an electrical supply near the pool.​

100% Adaptable

For all rectangular pools or special shapes up to 15x7m (according to feasibility study and pool plan provided).

100% Safe

Designed to ensure maximum safety for children and pets.​

The Swimmer Lock cover is designed to ensure total safety and optimal comfort.

Flexibility and Economy

Year round use : energy conservation in summer and pool cleanliness in winter. Swimmer Lock can reduce your maintenance budget.​

Different Tracks



Technical Specifications

PVC coated of 650g/sqm anti-abrasion and anti-UV treated and reinforced for the curb stones.

In anodised aluminium / 4 types of tracks

Hydraulic motor embedded in a dry pit (UNDER) or above-ground (TOP) and key type switch with three hold positions except model MANOTOP : control wheel + 2 lacquered aluminium supports.

Also included:
- Ø 155mm aluminium shaft
- 1 hydraulic pump and 3 hydraulic hoses (except MANOTOP)
- 1 aluminium load bar at the end of the sheet
- 1 automatic rainwater removal pump

Pit cover or bench covering : in PVC (white, sand) or in tropical hardwood.






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