Pool Types & Finishes

Now you can build an inground swimming pool that reflects your style, personal values and regard for the environment. If you've been considering adding the beauty of an inground swimming pool to your home, or if you're renovating an existing pool, then  Swimmer is what you need. 
We are here to help you take an educated and informed decision for your dream pool. Following the steps we recommend .
Step 1--- Deciding the type of Pool you want --- Skimmer/Vanishing/Overflow
Step 2 --- Deciding your Pool's Internal Finish --- Liner/Mosaic Tile/Tile or Pebble
Step 3 --- Deciding your Loving Design --- Rectangle/Kidney/Freeform
Step 4 --- Deciding your Perimetric coping Pool Stone Finish
Step 5 --- Backing you up with our best Construction Process for a Better/Stronger Structure to splash in.

Construction Process

Skordis Hydrodynamics ltd has been the first pool company in Cyprus using custom designed aluminum forming systems. Since 1995 in cooperation with Swim-crete  one of the biggest pool companies in USA, we import and implement aluminum concrete forms . We are offering the best customer service, the highest quality concrete forming systems, and the most extensive product line available. 

Hydrodynamics aluminum forms utilize lightweight, high strength aluminum in their manufacturing process. This makes them portable and easy to assemble without the need of additional equipment.Our goal has always been to design of a pool that meet your requirements and demands.

Radius forms are available in many different radii from our 6" radius corners to 32' radius forms commonly used in our kidney pools.​

Our pool construction process comes with the following stages: