Pool Types & Finishes

Now you can build an inground swimming pool that reflects your style, personal values and regard for the environment. If you've been considering adding the beauty of an inground swimming pool to your home, or if you're renovating an existing pool, then  Swimmer is what you need. 
We are here to help you take an educated and informed decision for your dream pool. Following the steps we recommend .
Step 1--- Deciding the type of Pool you want --- Skimmer/Vanishing/Overflow
Step 2 --- Deciding your Pool's Internal Finish --- Liner/Mosaic Tile/Tile or Pebble
Step 3 --- Deciding your Loving Design --- Rectangle/Kidney/Freeform
Step 4 --- Deciding your Perimetric coping Pool Stone Finish
Step 5 --- Backing you up with our best Construction Process for a Better/Stronger Structure to splash in.

Pool Finishes - Liner

Pool Liner is a simple plastic reinforced membrane that helps to waterproof your pool.
The liners are made of a highly resilient vinyl or other synthetic material. The object of the pool liner is to extend the life of the pool by preventing mold and other forms of damage to occur to the pool itself.While a pool liner can be constructed with many different materials, the vinyl liner is often an ideal choice. The vinyl is rugged and also capable of molding to the dimensions of the interior section of the pool with no trouble. This is particularly important if the pool design includes ledges or steps in the pool itself. The vinyl is also relatively easy to move around during the installation process, making it easier to smooth out and wrinkles or air bubbles that may appear as the liner is put into place.
Vinyl swimming pool owners or future owners know or should know that replacing the pool liner is part of ownership. Replacing the pool liner depends on the use of the swimming pool and how well it is maintained. Proper pool chemistry and maintenance can extend the life of your pool liner for many years. If you are considering a pool remodel, updating your liner is a great way to give your backyard a whole new look. Vinyl pool liners used to only come in a few different design and color options. Today, there is an extensive variety of colors and patterns for both inground and above ground pools. From the water line to the very bottom, liner designs can add texture, depth and personality to your pool.
 You can view our high range of liners shapes and colors in order to choose what is suitable for you new pool or the restoration of your pool.​