Pool Types & Finishes

Now you can build an inground swimming pool that reflects your style, personal values and regard for the environment. If you've been considering adding the beauty of an inground swimming pool to your home, or if you're renovating an existing pool, then  Swimmer is what you need. 
We are here to help you take an educated and informed decision for your dream pool. Following the steps we recommend .
Step 1--- Deciding the type of Pool you want --- Skimmer/Vanishing/Overflow
Step 2 --- Deciding your Pool's Internal Finish --- Liner/Mosaic Tile/Tile or Pebble
Step 3 --- Deciding your Loving Design --- Rectangle/Kidney/Freeform
Step 4 --- Deciding your Perimetric coping Pool Stone Finish
Step 5 --- Backing you up with our best Construction Process for a Better/Stronger Structure to splash in.

Skimmer Pools

The name ‘Skimmer’ derives from the method used to circulate the water. Skimmers are used to take the water from the pool and direct it towards the sand filter or our new filter tybe with special glass, for cleaning and then through inlets the water returns to the pool. The water level in this type of pool is about 15cm below the floor level.
 A skimmer pool can be constructed in various sizes, always taking into consideration the space and morphology of your garden. The more frequently used sizes are: 4m x 8m , 5m x 10m, 3,5m x 7m and 4.5mx9m . Rectangular, Kidney shaped or even custom made shapes are options for our customers to choose from.
Depth: The depth of a pool is tailor made to suit the special requirements of the user. The most commonly applied depth is 1,40m flat throughout the length of the pool or 1m gradually going to 1.60m-1.80m
Pool Interior: For the interior of the pool our clients have three choices:
Liner: PVC 1.5mm Liner is available in a range of colors and patterns or even single colored.(alkorplan-german origin or Haogenplast-israel origin.)
Tiles: Porcelain tiles from are available again in a range of colors to suit all tastes(Spain origin)
Mosaic tiles: Glass mosaics tiles are offered in a wide variety of patterns, sizes, texture and colors.
You can view the following diagram regarding how a skimmer pool works and what products you need in order to have a clean and healthy pool that will last.



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